Quick Facts

1. Abilene’s median income in 2019 was less than $53,000, compared to the national median income of over $65,700. 

2. The life expectancy for an individual in Taylor County in 2018 was 75.6 years.

3. The unemployment rate for both Abilene and Taylor County in January 2022 was about 4%.

What are demographics?

Demographics are statistics within a population or community that help to define it or certain groups within that community. For example, demographics can include the income, education level, employment rate, or life expectancy within a city or state. 

Why do demographics matter?

Having information about demographics in our community helps to provide context to other data and statistics. Together, knowing the demographics and the health outcomes of a community help to show a full picture of the overall well-being of the population. 

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The data represented within this page is current as of July 2022