Welcome to Rebuild Health! Rebuild Health is a health and wellness resource hub hosted by the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District. This website has been created to encourage healthier living, lifestyle change, and overall wellness within our community. Our goal with this site is to meet individuals wherever they are in their health journey, and offer support and resources where needed. 


The foundation of Rebuild Health is made up of three branches: Health Toolkit, Community Data, and Disease Education. Each of these branches provides a different perspective on an area of wellness.


Health Toolkit

The Health Toolkit provides free/low-cost resources that are local or available online. The toolkit is broken into sub-categories: ATCPHD free courses, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Accountability, Well-Being, and our blog. The aim of curating these resources is to help jumpstart prevention, intervention, and wellness practices through quality programs. This toolkit, as well as our blog will be updated regularly with new resources. 



Community Data

The Community Data section shows the impact of chronic disease, social and economic factors, as well as health behaviors within our community. The data provided is specific to Abilene and Taylor County when available. Within this section you will find data presented as charts, graphs, maps, and infographics, paired with a brief written analysis. 



Disease Education

The Disease Education section is intended for use by anyone in the community looking to better understand various common diseases, their symptoms, and possible treatment methods. Within this section you will find characteristics and conditions that may increase your risk of contracting these diseases. By highlighting the risk factors we hope to inform people of possible lifestyle and behavioral changes to help limit their risk of disease. 


We hope you enjoy using our website. As a community we look forward to Rebuilding our Health!


If you would like to learn more or have a request for other tools, education, or data topics that would help with your wellness journey, please contact us!