chemical safety

Learn about hazardous chemical symbols, keeping your household safe from toxic products, and what to do in a hazardous chemical emergency.

Poison control

If you or someone else has been exposed to toxic chemicals and you aren’t sure what to do, you can call or message poison control 24/7 for assistance.

Phone #: 800-222-1222

Household Chemicals

It’s important to know what products in your house could be toxic or harmful to the health of anyone in your family. Look over the checklist on to make sure your house is storing chemicals safely. 

chemical data

Safety Data Sheets provide you with important information about what to do if you get exposed to chemicals.

recycling center

It’s important to recycle more than just cans and cardboard! Household items like batteries, aerosol cans, and various chemicals should be recycled so that we can keep our environment healthy.

what does that symbol mean?

Get familiar with the symbols that you might find on various chemicals, including household items like cleaners and cooking supplies.