FEMA | 12 Ways to prepare

1. Sign up for alerts and warnings

Sign up for local and national alerts so that you’re always aware of any emergency that might come your way.

2. make a plan

Make sure the whole family is prepared for an emergency by making a detailed plan.

3. save for a rainy day

Saving up can help in any disaster by making your household financially secure in an emergency. 

4. practice emergency drills

Performing emergency drills at home, the workplace, or wherever you spend a lot of time could save a life.

5. test family communication plan

Your family is often spread out at work, school, or other activities, so it is important to know how you can communicate in an emergency.

6. Safeguard documents

Many important documents need to be kept safe within your home. Keep track of them and keep them protected.

7. plan with neighbors

Planning out emergency situations with your neighborhood can make everyone feel safer and prepared.

8. make your home safer

Prepare for a disaster by making your home safer from fires, natural disasters, or other dangerous elements. 

9. know evacuation routes

Plan your own route so that you and your household know where to go if you need to evacuate. 

10. assemble or update supplies

Building a supply kit can save you time in an emergency and ensure that you have everything you might need.

11. get involved in your community

Taylor County has several organizations that can get you more prepared for an emergency, or help after one has already happened.

12. document and insure property

A disaster can leave your property damaged, so prepare in advance for that possibility.